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R.M. Garavito garavito at msu.edu
Mon Oct 10 06:51:43 PDT 2011

To the Phenix gurus,

I am in the midst of reorganizing our little Mac computer cluster, and will have a mixed collection of machines with OS 10.6.8 or 10.7.1.  While the reorganization is going fine for the most part, I am having a little trouble getting Phenix to work on one machine.  The problem is integrating a machine (a MacPro) into the cluster with users having different UIDs from their NIS accounts on the rest of the cluster.  Thus, the NIS UID leads to not only a different UID for the user, but a different account (and therefore a different "home" directory) name.  Simply changing ownership of the user's directories and files globally in OS 10.6.8 leads to Phenix choking at some stage when used under the NIS UID, but without an informative error message.  Things go on fine when used under the old local UID and user name.

So my question is does Phenix store the absolute paths in its various project indices?  Any suggestions would be helpful.



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