[phenixbb] Simulated annealing composite omit map conversion

Yuri yuri.pompeu at ufl.edu
Tue Oct 11 08:27:10 PDT 2011

The figures are good illustration of what seems to be the consensus: 
Finely sampled maps can represent the best mathematical approximation of 
the continuous electron density function.
The weirdness I referred to probably has more to do with what Nathaniel 
alluded to previously. The fact that our eyes get so used to staring at 
coarse pointy density - caused by the default grid of building programs 
(in the case of "on the fly" map generation from coefficients).
That of course can be changed if one changes the sampling rate and get 
their eyes used to the new look.
that I suppose would become your new norm.

Yuri Pompeu

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