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Fri Oct 23 17:49:43 PDT 2015

Dear all,

Three positions are available in the group of Anastassis (Tassos) Perrakis at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. We are looking for:

1. A post-doctoral scientist to work on the European Horizon2020 project iNEXT (http://www.inext-eu.org <http://www.inext-eu.org/>), on collaborative research activities aiming to develop, establish and apply biophysical methodologies for enabling ligand and fragment-based inhibitor discovery (in collaboration with the teams of Jose-Antonio Marquez at EMBL-Grenoble and Frank von Delft at Diamond) and for studying macromolecular interactions in vitro  and in vivo (in collaboration with the group of Jan Ellenberg at Heidelberg). The research theme for applying and testing these technologies will be in the area of mitotic kinases and in particular on the study of their regulatory/localisation domains (see Hiruma et al, Science 2015 and Nijenhuis et al, J Cell Biol 2013).

2. A scientific programmer to help further develop our ProteinCCD Java application (http://xtal.nki.nl/ccd <http://xtal.nki.nl/ccd>, Mooij et al, Nucleic Acids Res 2009) and the PDB_REDO web server (http://xtal.nki.nl/pdb_redo <http://xtal.nki.nl/pdb_redo>; Joosten et al, IUCrJ 2014), and deploy them in virtual research environments and cloud-based systems, within the WestLife Horizon2020 e-Infrastructures project. The candidate should also help maintain and further develop the (C++) code behind the PDB_REDO rebuilding applications (Joosten et al, Bioinformatics 2011; Joosten et al Acta Crystallogr D 2012).

3. A scientist with a background on Cheminformatics or (Structural) Bioinformatics, to develop further the PDB_REDO pipeline (see above) to handle automated ligand and fragment placement, refinement and validation pipelines, and to pro-actively participate in the scientific and technical development of PDB_REDO.

The Netherlands Cancer Institute (http://www.nki.nl <http://www.nki.nl/>) is a center of excellence with a high standard of biological research and an interactive international atmosphere. It is located in Amsterdam, with all its cultural amenities, close to the Schiphol airport.

The group of Tassos Perrakis, which also hosts the team of Robbie Joosten working in the PDB_REDO project, is closely associated with the neighbouring group of Titia Sixma. Both groups have an interest in structural studies coupled to functional analysis, combined with activities in method development for structural biology. Our department also hosts the "Protein Facility" with equipment that includes high throughput crystallisation and crystal visualisation robotics, an X-ray facility, Biacore surface plasmon resonance, isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC), microscale thermophoresis, thermal shift analysis, multi-angle laser light scattering (MALLS), versatile systems for fluorescence based equilibrium and transient state kinetics analysis (a versatile plate reader and stopped-flow), and operational facilities for E.coli, insect cells and mammalian cells based protein expression and purification. Computational facilities are locally available. The groups also share equipment and office space, and together with the group of Thijn Brummelkamp create a lively and highly interactive research environment.

Applicants should write an e-mail including a CV, a short letter of motivation and names and addresses of scientists willing to provide a reference to a.perrakis at nki.nl <mailto:a.perrakis at nki.nl>.


Anastassis (Tassos) Perrakis, Principal Investigator / Staff Member
Department of Biochemistry (B8)
Netherlands Cancer Institute, 
Dept. B8, 1066 CX Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 512 1951 Fax: +31 20 512 1954 Mobile / SMS: +31 6 28 597791

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