[phenixbb] FASTA format for sequence file

egoers at uoregon.edu egoers at uoregon.edu
Mon Feb 5 15:54:17 PST 2018


I'm trying to run Phase-MR on Phenix (older version) and having trouble 
formatting my sequence properly. I keep getting error "Protein Sequence 
not recognized in Composition". I have a good idea of what FASTA should 
look like (carrot with a name, no spaces or weird characters, followed 
by the sequence in all capital letter on the next line). I have tried 
many things, mainly using gedit and plain text files (.txt). I've made 
sure the file name doesn't have any strange characters as well. If I cut 
and paste a FASTA file from the PDB into gedit, save that at a .txt, 
Phaser accepts it. If I cut and paste my protein sequence into the same 
file, it rejects it. Suggestions?

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