PHENIX Developer Environment

Getting started

To setup a Phenix developer environment, you need to:
  1. Copy static sources (boost, scons, phaser)
  2. Checkout source repositories (cctbx, phenix, dials, etc.)
  3. Build dependencies (Python, HDF, wxPython, etc.)
  4. Build PHENIX
  5. Run tests

You can perform this process manually, or you can use the script to accomplish each task.

To grab the current script:
svn export svn://
Then, to accomplish each corresponding step above:
  1. python ./ --builder=phenix hot
  2. python ./ --builder=phenix update
  3. python ./ --builder=phenix base
  4. python ./ --builder=phenix build
  5. python ./ --builder=phenix tests

Note: if your CCI username is different than your local account, pass "--cciuser=<username>" Also, you may want to do re-checkout the cctbx sources with your sourceforge account:

cd modules/cctbx_project
svn relocate svn+ssh://<username>

This will create a directory structure where 'modules' contains all the sources, 'base' contains the dependencies, and 'build' is the build directory. You can then work normally with svn, make, etc. You can also re-invoke at any time as a shortcut to update all sources, rebuild, etc. The source controlled copy of lives in modules/cctbx_project/libtbx/auto_build/

The most common place to encounter problems is step 3, the "base" step, where all the various dependency packages are downloaded and compiled. While this is tested on Mac and several Linux distributions, there are sometimes differences that cause complex packages like wxPython to have trouble building. One way to skip this step is to grab the "base" directory from a binary installer. You can either copy over the base directory, or use the binary installation directory and remove the "build" and "modules" directories. After this, the process is the same.


Option 1, from scratch:

svn export svn://
python ./ --builder=phenix

Option 2, use the 'base' directory from a binary installer:

mv modules modules.from_installer
svn export svn://
python ./ --builder=phenix