Finding a program or test using find_program



The routine find_program will show all the programs that match supplied text (either in program name or in program descriptions). The locations of the programs (which tab in the GUI or command-line name) are shown.

Alternatively, find_program can search for a regression test based on words in the name of the test or based on the name of a module that is tested by that regression test.


How find_program works:

Searches for programs:

Find_program uses the list of programs and short descriptions in the file $PHENIX/modules/phenix/phenix/utilities/ as a list of program names. Additionally it compiles program names and descriptions from $PHENIX/modules/phenix/wxGUI2/Programs/__init__.params and $PHENIX/modules/phenix/wxGUI2/Home/

Find_program then makes a list of all programs, descriptions, and locations.
This list is then searched with the search_text values provided.

Searches for regression tests:

Find_program can also look for and display regression tests. A database (test_and_module_info.pkl) of regression tests and all the modules called by each test is created using the tool phenix_regression.get_test_and_module_info. This database is read by find_program and can be searched either by words from the name of a regression test (providing the full path of the regression test), or by words from the name of a module (providing the full path of regression tests that use that module).

The search for regression tests by module is a way to find a test that will run a module that you are interested in.

Standard run of find_program:

You can use find_program to find a program like this:

phenix.find_program search_text=autosol

You can also use it to try and find a regression test that exercises a routine with the word anomalous in it (anywhere) and also the word signal (anywhere):

phenix.find_program search_type=tests search_tests_by=function_called search_text=anomalous search_text=signal

Setting up the database for find_program:

You can update the database for find_program by running the tool

phenix_regression.get_test_and_module_info nproc=64

in an empty directory. This will take a while (perhaps an hour or so with nproc=64) and produce a file called:


You can copy this file to its official location at:


and then find_program will use this new version. You can also specify where this .pkl file is located with the keyword:


Possible Problems

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