Install Cryo_fit


1. Install Phenix

See the installation notes for Phenix

3. Download cryo_fit install file

Download from here

../images/cryo_fit_download_1.png ../images/cryo_fit_download_2.png

4. Install cryo_fit

  • python <user phenix>/modules/cryo_fit/files_for_steps/0_install_cryo_fit/ <> <install_path>
  • If <install_path> doesn't exist when a user specifies it, a new folder with that name will be created (confirmed at macOS 10.13.6).
  • Please use an absolute path. For example,
  • python /Users/doonam/bin/phenix-dev-2906/modules/cryo_fit/files_for_steps/0_install_cryo_fit/ ~/Downloads/ ~/cryo_fit
  • will work.
  • However, a relative path like,
  • python /Users/doonam/bin/phenix-dev-2906/modules/cryo_fit/files_for_steps/0_install_cryo_fit/ ~/Downloads/ ..
  • doesn't work.
  • Doo Nam recommends either macOS or linux OS.
  • If a user needs to use Windows OS, a user may analyze code, and run commandline commands by him/herself.
  • Alternatively, a user may use cryo_fit2.

5. Troubleshooting

6. Test run

See the cryo_fit1 tutorial