Python-based Hierarchical ENvironment for Integrated Xtallography

PHENIX nightly build distribution

These installers are built automatically using the current source code and are automatically tested. We do not release installers that have known major problems, so these builds should be suitable for most purposes. Official releases and builds deemed to be "stable" are noted as such and highlighted in bold type.

If you do use the nightly builds, we recommend updating frequently; once a build disappears from the list here, it can be assumed to be obsolete.

If you encounter errors when using any of these builds, please update to the most recent build before sending a bug report. (It is generally a good idea to update frequently anyway, since the code changes rapidly.)

Note: Phenix installers are available for 64-bit Windows systems (Windows 7 or newer). Some programs or features are not available because of limitations of the Windows platform; please read the platform support notes for details. We appreciate any feedback about bugs or inconsistencies.

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VersionDateStatus LogsInfo
dev-53062024-04-18successful ci, mac-intel-osx-x86_64, intel-linux-2.6-x86_64-centos6 docs; changelog
1.21.1-52862024-03-29successful mac-intel-osx-x86_64 docs; changelog
User notes for 1.21.1-5286:

1.21.1 Changes

  • Add support for joint X-ray/neutron refinement to phenix.refine GUI
  • Fix DMSO restraint
  • Fix excessive printing when processing PAE matrix file
  • Add tutorial for low resolution restraints
  • Bugfix for LigandPipeline
  • Bugfix for PredictAndBuild
  • phenix.renumber_fab: (NEW!) renumber FAB chains using Kabat, Chothia or Martin conventions
1.21 Changes
  • Full support for structure determination with AlphaFold models in Phenix GUI
    • PredictAndBuild X-ray and Cryo-EM structure solution from data and sequences
    • Phenix AlphaFold server
    • Video tutorials for prediction, X-ray structure solution and Cryo-EM map interpretation
  • Cryo-EM tools support ChimeraX visualization
  • Cryo-EM density modification and anisotropic scaling display local resolution
  • Tutorials available for automated structure determination with PredictAndBuild
  • New em_placement and emplace_local tools
    • likelihood-based docking of models into cryo-EM maps
  • Quantum Mechanical Restraints (QMR) to calculate ligand restraints in situ
    • Available in phenix.refine and separate command-line tool, mmtbx.quantum_interface
    • Defaults to MOPAC's PM6-D3H4
    • Higher level QM available via 3rd-party Orca package
  • Restraints
    • Approximately 27k of 37k restraints (QM calculated and validated) deployed in the GeoStd
  • Automated tests for programs in the Phenix GUI
  • ERRASER no longer supported and removed from installation
  • Remove rebuild_predicted_model (duplicated by predict_and_build)
  • JSON output added to MolProbity structure validation scripts
1.20.1-44872022-01-20successful ci, intel-linux-2.6-x86_64-centos6, intel-windows-x86_64, mac-intel-osx-x86_64 Official 1.20.1 release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.20.1-4487:

1.20.1 Changes

  • Add backwards compatibility for new solvent masking algorithm
  • Bug fix SHELX HKLF format output
  • Bug fix for phenix.dock_and_rebuild where no model is obtained
  • Bug fix for map and model from phenix.douse not aligning
  • Add --without-dials option to installation script
1.20 Changes
  • New tools and methods
    • Phenix AlphaFold2 notebook: Run AlphaFold on Google Colab from Phenix GUI
    • phenix.process_predicted_model: Identify useful domains in AlphaFold model
    • phenix.dock_predicted_model: Dock domains of AlphaFold model into cryo-EM
    • phenix.rebuild_predicted_model: Rebuild AlphaFold model in cryo-EM map using docked domains
    • phenix.dock_and_rebuild : Process, dock and rebuild AlphaFold model with cryo-EM map
    • phenix.model_completion: Connect fragments and fill in gaps based on a map
    • phenix.rebuild_model: Rebuild a model using a map and keeping connectivity
    • phenix.replace_with_fragments_from_pdb: Rebuild a model using fragments from PDB
    • phenix.search_and_morph: SSM search PDB; morph to match target
    • phenix.fragment_search: Search for a fragment in PDB matching target
    • phenix.reverse_fragment: Reverse chain direction of a fragment
    • phenix.superpose_and_morph: SSM or least-squares superpose one model on another; optionally trim and morph to match
    • phenix.voyager.casp_rel_ellg: Calculate relative eLLG score for predicted model quality
  • phenix.match_maps:
    • Bug fix (superposed map was not matching target map)
  • phenix.real_space_refine:
    • Symmatry multiprocessing aware individual ADP and occupancy refinement
    • Multiple changes to improce runtime (for certain refinement strategies)
    • Make NQH flips symmetry aware
  • phenix.superpose_pdbs:
    • Add feature to transform additional models with matrix found with moving model
  • phenix.dock_in_map:
    • Allow splitting model into domains based on chain ID from phenix.process_predicted_model
  • Restraints
    • GeoStd updated with 12k plus entity restraints files
    • cis-PRO default updated to EH99
  • phenix.fetch_pdb, iotbx.cif_as_mtz:
    • Bug fix: Multiple datasets with different unit cells in a cif file now preserved as multiple crystals in mtz file.

1.19.2-41582021-02-25successful ci, intel-windows-x86_64, mac-intel-osx-x86_64, intel-linux-2.6-x86_64-centos6 Official 1.19.2 release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.19.2-4158:

1.19.2 Changes

  • Avoid GUI crash when running validation after phenix.real_space_refine
  • Other bug fixes
1.19.1 Changes
  • phenix.real_space_refine
    • Fix bug in restoring previous jobs
    • Clarify NCS options
1.19 Changes
  • phenix.real_space_refine
    • Improved rotamer fitting (use multiprocessing, in case of NCS constraints work on one copy only and propagate changes to all related copies, various performace improvements and bug fixes)
    • Improved map/restraints weight calculation
    • Morphing can now use multiprocessing (nproc)
  • phenix.map_to_model and phenix.trace_and_build
    • Improved high-resolution model-building including detection of insertions and deletions
  • New methods
    • phenix.local_resolution: calculates a local resolution map
    • phenix.local_aniso_sharpen: optimizes a map taking into account local resolution-dependence and anisotropy of the map and its errors
  • New scripting tools
    • High-level scriptable Python tools are now available for map and model analyses and manipulation as well as for model-building
  • Restraints
    • Adjusting the "positions" of atom names is (pseudo-)symmetric amino acid side chains is now the default
    • Improved restraints for ARG allows more flexibility of the CD atom
  • Bug fixes
    • Chains with modified amino or nucleic acids can be aligned
    • Fixed handling of modified amino/nucleic acids in sequence alignment

1.18.2-38742020-05-17successful ci, intel-windows-x86_64, intel-linux-2.6-x86_64-centos6, mac-intel-osx-x86_64 Official 1.18.2 release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.18.2-3874:

1.18.2 Changes

  • Fix weighting for iron sulfur clusters

1.18.1 Changes

  • General bug fixes
1.18 Changes
  • Amber
    • Automatic creation of Amber files in phenix.refine GUI
    • Added AmberPrep GUI
  • Restraints
    • Engh & Huber restraints (2001) for cis-peptides now implemented
    • Restraints added for FeS
    • Metal coordination library is default to Zn+2 and FeS clusters
  • Rama-Z: New global Ramachandran score for identifying protein structures with unlikely stereochemistry in CLI (phenix.rama_z, mmtbx.rama_z) and GUI (validation reports).
  • Density modification for cryo-EM
    • Includes model-based density modification with automatic model generation
    • Optimized defaults and additional documentation
  • Real-space refinement
    • Hydrogen atoms no longer included in map target function, which improves fit.
    • Add NQH flip option (enabled by default)
  • Other
    • New tool for ordered solvent picking in cryo-EM maps (phenix.douse)
    • New map and model superposition tool (phenix.match_maps)
    • New FindProgram toll to find any Phenix program with a text search
    • Project details now has a button for opening the README file for tutorials

1.17.1-36602019-10-16successful ci, intel-windows-x86_64, intel-linux-2.6-x86_64-centos6, mac-intel-osx-x86_64 Official 1.17.1 release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.17.1-3660:

1.17.1 Changes

  • Fix bug on Windows where Xtriage results would fail to display
  • Other bug fixes
1.17 Changes
  • Improved handling of SHELX data in phenix.reflection_file_converter
  • eLBOW can output files for Amber
  • eLBOW supports QM package Orca
  • dials.image_viewer is used for viewing diffraction images
  • Updated map smoothing
  • Fix inconsistency in clashscore values in phenix.validation_cryoem when hydrogens are in the model

1.16-35492019-06-27successful ci, intel-linux-2.6-x86_64-centos6, mac-intel-osx-x86_64, intel-windows-x86_64 Official 1.16 release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.16-3549:

1.16 Changes

  • New GUI for mmtbx.prepare_pdb_deposition to make mmCIF files for deposition into the PDB
  • New tool (CLI and GUI) for getting a validation report from the PDB (phenix.get_pdb_validation_report)
  • Added sequence checking to Comprehensive Validation for Cryo-EM
  • Amber functionality is available by default

1.15.2-34722019-04-11successful ci, intel-windows-x86_64, intel-linux-2.6-x86_64-centos6, mac-intel-osx-x86_64 Official 1.15.2 release; docs; changelog
User notes for 1.15.2-3472:

1.15.2 Changes

  • Fix phenix.rosetta_refine issue
  • Fix PDB/CIF conversion in GUI

1.15.1 Changes

  • Improved phenix.map_to_model behavior

New and improved tools

  • New algorithm for phenix.map_to_model is faster and builds longer chains
  • phenix.trace_and_build can build protein into maps at resolutions as low as 4.5 A
  • phenix.fix_insertions_deletions can build models in places where the map is poor
  • phenix.refine_ca_model for optimizing C-alpha only models
  • phenix.comparama for generating Kleywegt-like plots that show how residues moved in the Rakmachandran plots before and after refinement
  • eLBOW can find unique instances of a ligand from the PDB and optionally create Polder OMIT maps
  • Updated structural library for phenix.structure_search
  • Updated ligand library for phenix.ligand_identification
  • Improved reporting of cis-peptides for residues with altloc atoms
Other improvements
  • Updated mmCIF support (stuct_conn loop, ligand restraints, sequence)
  • phenix.refine, phenix.real_space_refine, and phenix.pdbtools will also output models in mmCIF format by default
  • Dependencies are now based on conda packages, which will be more compatible with new operating systems and will improve consistency across all platforms (macOS, linux, Windows)
  • Bug fixes

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