[cctbxbb] Fail to extend space-group with centring translations

Luc Bourhis luc_j_bourhis at mac.com
Sat Dec 9 02:57:36 PST 2006

Hi Peter,

> […]

Thanks for your help.

> The r_den, t_den thing is confusing and using an approach with  
> rational
> numbers would make sense.
> time time ...

This is indeed a bit confusing and impossible to guess from the  
documentation, unless I missed something. But it does what I wanted  
once the trick is learned. Probably not worth the effort from your  
point of view. As for my project, it would be easy to wrap the cctbx  
symmetry objects behind a proxy which may not expose the user to such  
a trick if it happens to be important to our programmers…

thanks again,


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