[cctbxbb] State of python3 support?

Luc Bourhis luc_j_bourhis at mac.com
Tue Dec 14 06:57:12 PST 2010


> future development of python will most likely travel the py3k road

We currently support all Python version from 2.3 onward. Thus we cannot even take advantage of the major improvements which made their way into Python 2.5 and 2.6 interpreters (class and function decorators, generator expressions to name some of the most useful ones) and standard library. I must add that the days of Python 2.3 support are numbered (it got nearly dropped a while ago) and therefore that the goodies just mentioned will become available for cctbx development soon-ish. I am of the opinion that those enhancements are more significant than the move from Python 2.7 to Python 3 as far as our work on the cctbx goes.

As a result, the move to Python 3 is really not on the agenda at the moment.

Luc Bourhis

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