[cctbxbb] Using iotbx.pdb as C++ only dynamic (shared) library

vanv0059 at umn.edu vanv0059 at umn.edu
Sat Dec 10 20:14:09 PST 2011

On Dec 9 2011, Ralf Grosse-Kunstleve wrote:

>Hi Jeff,
>> Ok, I will look at the define. I am sure I didn't copy them all (I
>> overlooked the fact that they might be required for linking).
>You only need them when compiling your C++ code. You don't need them for

To recap, I did link to lib/libiotbx_pdb.a, and my example code works. I 
used the default g++ on Mac OS 10.6.8 with -dynamic -rpath (and more flags) 
to create a dynamic lib from the iotbx object files created by the libtbx 
build process. It is using that dynamic library that caused the issue. I 
might just ignore this issue if it is possible for me to roll the 
libiotbx_pdb.a into a larger dylib. The reason is our production and test 
applications are hosted on Linux systems and the shared objects libraries 
are created by default on Linux.


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