[cctbxbb] CCTBX for Debian + PATCH

Radostan Riedel raybuntu at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 12 15:17:51 PDT 2011


I'm about to make a (multi binary) Debian source package of
CCTBX-Project. The plan is to build a few small Packages that depends on
each other. So the python stuff would go
to /usr/lib/python*.*/dist-packages/ and the libraries would go
to /usr/lib and the Headers to /usr/include.

python-iotbx: installs iotbx python module and extensions
to /usr/lib/python*.*/dist-packages/ 
libcctbx0: installs libcctbx.so.0 etc. to /usr/lib/
libcctbx-dev: installs a symlink libcctbx.so ---> libcctbx.so.0 etc. and
header files to /usr/include/cctbx

This would follow strictly the Debian Policy, so maybe when this will be
accepted we could see CCTBX in the official Repos of Debian and Ubuntu

But for that I still have a few problems: 

1.) The SONAME and SOVERSION is missing from the shared libraries. I'm
attaching a patch that can fix this for GNU/Linux. That produces files
like this:
ls lib/libcctbx*
lib/libcctbx_sgtbx_asu.so  lib/libcctbx_sgtbx_asu.so.0  lib/libcctbx.so

2.) PyCifRW: I had to remove it from the sources because it ain't free
software because of some lines in their license. It wasn't accepted to
Fedora because of that, so I guess I can forget Debian either.

3.) In your changelog I read you wanna get rid of the "from __future__
import division" and change to "python -Qnew". This would be a problem
for me, because than I couldn't use it from sys.path anymore. I have a
Django project at work that imports some cctbx modules directly from
pythonpath. And I can't really call "cctbx.python" for that, otherwise I
would have to patch my Apache and mod_wsgi, respectively cctbx.

Wouldn't it be better to install all python modules to the standard
python location of the Distribution than making dispatchers with
hardcoded paths? Also, when the libraries, headers and python stuff
would be in their standard location, everyone could just import it from

I will be finished soon with packaging and then I will upload it to my
PPA on Lauchpad https://launchpad.net/~raybuntu/+archive/xray which is
empty by now. And I think this could also be adopted to other
Distributions like Fedora.

I'd be glad to hear some critical opinions about this from you.


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