[cctbxbb] Using cctbx as a C++ only library

Martin Uhrin martin.uhrin.10 at ucl.ac.uk
Sat Nov 26 05:24:14 PST 2011

Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly.

> It finished in 100 seconds. The same command finishes in 37 seconds on a
> 64-core AMD running Linux. Are these times OK for your purposes?
> We could streamline the cctbx module hierarchy for your needs to bring down
> the times further, if necessary.

100 seconds is certainly fine, especially given that this will only be
performed every once in a while.

> To reduce the size of the source code directories, you could probably have
> some quick gains by removing certain top-level directories. I'm not sure it
> is worth going into the directories below the top level. Networks are so
> fast these days and disks so big, developer time (for writing and
> maintaining the scripts to pick out just what you need) is usually the most
> scarce resource.

I totally agree - if cherry picking is time consuming then it's not
worth it.  I just wondered if there was a quick way to strip out some
of the top level namespaces completely from the build dependencies.
The only real gain here would be to reduce the slightly daunting
filesize of the source bundle itself - but as I say this isn't a big

One other quick question that's quite important to my project: is
there a way to build a debug version cctbx? At the moment I'm having a
lot of problems due to mixing of release/debug CRTs (when I build my
code in debug).


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