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Graeme.Winter at diamond.ac.uk Graeme.Winter at diamond.ac.uk
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Hi Frank,

It would be easy to write one, as pycbf is included in there as is some code to unpack the byte-offset compression quickly in iotbx.detectors -

    from iotbx.detectors import ImageFactory

    image = ImageFactory(filename)

You would however need to create and pack the data to a new CBF file, which IIRC requires some new additions to the pycbf bindings - I asked Herbert B about this a while back and he needed to make some patches as it was not generally possible. That said, what I was after was creating a full cbf not e.g. miniCBF.

Adding the new version to a live version of cctbx/python is easy enough.

I take it as a given that this is for visualizing - you're not too worried about the image headers? Otherwise this will be somewhat more tricky.

Email from Herbert B follows. It went to the imgCIF mailing list so is public already :o)

Best wishes,



Dear Graeme,

   I have made a new example that uses setters and writes a byte-offset compressed image.  Testing revealed some bugs in the wrapper for some of the setters, so I have also updated the release kit.  The whole thing is  available on the  CBFlib_bleeding_edge svn on sourceforge as well as a release kit


Please give it a try and take a look at pycbf/pycbf_test4.py for an example of writing a byte-offset CBF.  Let me know if it does what you need.  If not, tell me what is missing or wrong and I'll be happy to fix things and add more pycbf examples to the kit.


P.S.  This was a very useful question because it relate to testing the HDF5 changes.

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Does anyone have a CCTBX-based method for compositing multiple CBFs to a single image a la merge2cbf?

Thanks in advance,
Frank Murphy

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