[cctbxbb] Python documentation

Jan Marten Simons marten at xtal.rwth-aachen.de
Wed Oct 10 06:28:33 PDT 2012

Am Montag 08 Oktober 2012 17:01:02 schrieb Luc Bourhis:
> Hi David,
> > I've got a few questions about the automatically generated Python
> > documentation.
> > 
> > 1. Is this done by doxygen like the C++ documentation?
> No. It has traditionally been generated with pydoc. A few years back, Jan
> Marten Simons added generation with sphinx, which gives much better
> looking html pages.

Just to add to this: You can get the sphinx documentation by using the script 
found in ./dox.sphinx/build_docs.sh. Please read the comments in this script 
before using it.

With regards,

 Dipl. Phys.
  Jan M. Simons
Institute of Crystallography
RWTH Aachen University

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