[cctbxbb] --enable-boost-threads flag

Jeffrey Van Voorst vanv0059 at umn.edu
Wed Oct 17 15:03:20 PDT 2012


If someone knows the answer off the top of their head, I would be 
interested in the answer.  Otherwise, feel free to ignore this.

Does the --enable-boost-threads flag for 
cctbx_sources/libtbx/configure.py do anything drastic besides include 
-pthread in the compiling and linking steps?

I am trying to understand why I would get a free() error (for the 
shared_ptr to root_data) under the following situation:
*) the iotbx_pdb shared library is configured without the 
--enable-boost-threads flag (on a linux box)
*) sometimes reproducible from a test C++ program that is linked using 
-pthread even in the case when the program is as simple as loading a pdb 
file and creating the hierarchy.
*) gcc 4.4.5

--Jeff Van Voorst

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