[cctbxbb] --enable-boost-threads flag

Jeffrey Van Voorst vanv0059 at umn.edu
Wed Oct 17 16:56:04 PDT 2012

My question is of a slightly different nature.  Specifically, what type 
of "magic" is enabled by --boost-enable-threads in the latest release of 
cctbx that allows the libiotbx_pdb.so library to be linked correctly to 
a simple program when that linking includes the "-pthread" flag?  By 
simple, I mean a program that has two lines in the main function -- 
reading the PDB file and constructing the hierarchy.

My goal is to try to understand the dependencies and why the simple 
program would have a memory corruption when libiotbx_pdb.so was not 
compiled using --boost-enable-threads.


On 10/17/12 5:28 PM, Richard Gildea wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> Boost.Threads support in the cctbx was removed back in August 
> (http://phenix-online.org/pipermail/cctbxbb/2012-August/000468.html, 
> http://cctbx.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/cctbx?view=revision&revision=15762). 
> If you are using a recent copy of the sources then the libtbx 
> configure command should raise an error if you pass the now 
> defunct --enable-boost-threads option.
> Cheers,
> Richard

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