[cctbxbb] cif parser & ccp4 mon_lib incompatibility

James Stroud xtald00d at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 15:05:04 PDT 2013

Hi All,

It's a fresh install of the latest-greatest cctbx and of ccp4. Any ideas?

% cctbx.python ./tst_sa.py
CifParserError: /Applications/ccp4-6.3.0/lib/data/monomers/list/mon_lib_list.cif(line 1) : error 4 : Unexpected token, at offset -1
    near global
     : unexpected input...
  expected one of : Actually dude, we didn't seem to be expecting anything here, or at least
I could not work out what I was expecting, like so many of us these days!

Here's the top of the cif file:

_lib_name      mon_lib
_lib_version   5.36
_lib_update   03/05/12

# ---   LIST OF MONOMERS ---


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