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On Apr 12, 2013, at 1:33 AM, Richard Gildea wrote:

> The wiki - practically empty at this point - is at http://sourceforge.net/p/cctbx/wiki/Home/. We only recently got the wiki when we upgraded our svn to the new sourceforge version, so it is still waiting for people to have time to contribute, etc. If you have anything to contribute to it, feel free - it will have to be a community effort.

I've been taking notes at http://cctbxwiki.bravais.net/ with the intent that it could be mirrored, ripped, shared, or whatever fate befalls wiki content. I'm not a wiki pro, so I don't know how these things propagate, nor do I have any idea right now how to manage contributors, etc.

I do have lots of styling there and some add-ons. It's also mediawiki, so I don't know how it fits with the sourceforge wiki. I made it mediawiki because I thought the official wiki was the one I linked to below and that someone could copy-pase the source from my wiki.

It's of course under construction. I'm still figuring how to do what I want to do with the cctbx API, so getting the notes for posterity have been more important than organization, so far.

Also, I have made a parser that generates a skeleton wiki page for classes given an object. See http://cctbxwiki.bravais.net/Cctbx.miller.array for an example. It needs some refinement for boost classes (especially the return values), but does a pretty good job. It's mostly designed to provide stubs for the methods. See http://cctbxwiki.bravais.net/Class_Index for the list of classes I've run through it so far.


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