[cctbxbb] new fail on windows

markus.gerstel at diamond.ac.uk markus.gerstel at diamond.ac.uk
Fri Apr 22 01:35:42 PDT 2016

Hi Nigel,

Hopefully this is fixed with r24353.

One question: Do you think it would be possible to install https://pypi.python.org/pypi/junit-xml on your build machines, run libtbx.run_tests_parallel with the output_junit_xml=True option, and collect the output.xml files somewhere where we can download them?

At the moment we do monitor the buildbot status - but only in a very coarse way. We only see test failures on a high level, see attached screenshot. As you can see there are a number of things broken, some of them for quite some time, so because on that level there is always something guaranteed to fail the overall status we see is always set to ‘warning’. I don’t think any of us bothers anymore looking into the details, a number of errors are about things we can’t do anything about anyway.

However, if you could give us a collection of output.xml’s we could, instead of taking the overall build status, use the test results and set up a DIALS-East internal mail on the buildbot test status. Then we would pick up these things earlier.

Best wishes,

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  Standard error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):

      File "c:\users\builder\slave\cctbx-nightly-intel-windows\modules\cctbx_project\libtbx\tst_easy_mp.py", line 210, in <module>


      File "c:\users\builder\slave\cctbx-nightly-intel-windows\modules\cctbx_project\libtbx\tst_easy_mp.py", line 205, in run


      File "c:\users\builder\slave\cctbx-nightly-intel-windows\modules\cctbx_project\libtbx\tst_easy_mp.py", line 187, in check_if_stacktrace_is_propagated_properly

        assert isinstance(e, exceptions.ZeroDivisionError) or "ZeroDivisionError" in str(e), "Exception type mismatch: %s" % str(e)

    AssertionError: Exception type mismatch: Can't pickle <function may_divide_by_zero at 0x01C06470>: it's not found as __main__.may_divide_by_zero

    Traceback (most recent call last):

      File "<string>", line 1, in <module>

      File "C:\Users\builder\slave\cctbx-nightly-intel-windows\base\bin\python\lib\multiprocessing\forking.py", line 381, in main

        self = load(from_parent)

      File "C:\Users\builder\slave\cctbx-nightly-intel-windows\base\bin\python\lib\pickle.py", line 1378, in load

        return Unpickler(file).load()

      File "C:\Users\builder\slave\cctbx-nightly-intel-windows\base\bin\python\lib\pickle.py", line 858, in load


      File "C:\Users\builder\slave\cctbx-nightly-intel-windows\base\bin\python\lib\pickle.py", line 880, in load_eof

        raise EOFError



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