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Graeme.Winter at diamond.ac.uk Graeme.Winter at diamond.ac.uk
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Hi Luc

We worried about some of this with DIALS but went ahead with it anyway and it seems to have worked out OK – there has been some confusion where people get it a bit of a knot from time to time, but we have moved OK and are also moving to a more native GIT way of working – this is where the real benefit lies I think.

I would think for CCTBX the argument would be even stronger, as it’s needed all over the place (dials, ccp4, phenix, olex2…) and so having the flexibility offered by much easier and more reliable branching would be very useful. We’ve found that a handful of git commands will do what most ex-svn people need, with additional flexibility like partial commits.

Clearly we *could* make a git cctbx anyway and sync it to the cctbx svn, but that would seem messy and not really the right way to do things…

Does anyone else hold an opinion? In particular are there any known blockers to this?

Thanks & best wishes Graeme

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Hi Graeme,

Can we revisit the idea of moving to git for cctbx?

This brings to mind a question I have been asking myself since the subject has been brought forth. The idea Paul wrote about on this list was a move to Github. I guess some, perhaps many, developers will keep interacting with the repository using subversion. I am worried this would clash with the workflow of those of us who would go the native git way. By that I mean creating many branches and merge points, which one would merge into the official repository when ready. I am worried the history would look very opaque for the subversion users. I would even probably create a fork on Github, making it even more opaque for a tool like subversion. Has anybody thought about such issues? My preferred solution would be for everybody to move to git but I don’t think that’s realistic. At the other end of the spectrum, there is putting in place a policy to keep the history linear.

Best wishes,


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