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> On 12 Jan 2016, at 18:52, Nicholas Sauter <nksauter at lbl.gov> wrote:
> If a feature is broken today, but I know for a fact that it worked sometime in the past, I simply do a svn update -r "[datestamp]" to narrow down the exact date when the feature became broken, then I isolate the exact commit and look at the code.  Can this be done with git or does it even make sense if there is no concept of linear change?

You can do that with git, and more: git bisect can automatically find for you which commit introduced the bug you are hunting down. Moreover git ships with a graphical viewer, gitk, which displays all the branches. But that means you would be forced to use git and this is enough of a paradigm shift compared to svn that you may not want to invest the time to learn it because svn just works fine for you. I respect that and this is the crux of the point I raised. I think it’s important we all think about those issues before diving in.

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