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Graeme.Winter at diamond.ac.uk Graeme.Winter at diamond.ac.uk
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I offer an opinion here - git is like C++ - in the same way as Fortran 77 is like SVN. You can code fortran in any language syntax you like just fine. If you write it using C++ syntax you need to use g++ to compile it but that’s it. You can do that without using any C++ idioms.

Or you can go the full monty and code with STL metaprogramming & such - much more complex and more powerful but not mandatory.

You can use git like svn which works a bit better, that’s OK. It does not stop other people from using branches and such - you just run off the trunk like you do with SVN and let them get on with it. Every so often you will see a massive commit come in, from someone who did use git more powerfully, but that is no different to someone running over svn.

What it does mean though is if you have a bunch of changes and one is a bug fix, you can easily cherry pick just the bug fix to push back for example, leaving the rest of the work in progress … in progress.

I was that old fashioned developer Luis alluded to, I did not like it much when I started and now I find it *awesome* - you can commit as you go and only push when you are ready, which makes it really easy to keep your head clearer on big things

Cheers Graeme

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