[cctbxbb] Not wishing to raise this again but...

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Hi Rob,

I think this is an important point you make. Given that there are now a number of projects making heavy use of the cctbx (both using and contributing) with competing development and release schedules, the current paradigm of everyone developing on trunk is liable to cause problems. Moving to git should make things easier in this regard, although we would still have to agree on suitable working practices within the new system.



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Personally I think moving the cctbx to git is a great idea as it would
make it easier and safer when developing and testing new features. Given
so many teams are using the cctbx this seems like a compelling reason
for it to be moved.

We had a chat a while ago with Berkeley about this but I've forgotten
what the consensus was.


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> Hi All,
> This sounds like it is heading in a pragmatic direction - I would find
> it very helpful to gauge feeling for or against this. To make this
> simple I have attempted (starting from a completely ignorant position)
> to put together one of those online survey things:
> https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/GXPY5JW
> If you could pick an option that would be great, explaining why would
> be even better, or hitting reply-all to this thread would also work
> (as has previously done so) I'll collate answers over the next few
> days & feed back when we have (say) 10-20 or a few days have passed
>> From experience with moving xia2 & DIALS it was surprisingly
>> straightforward (an opinion)
> Thanks & cheerio Graeme
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> Hi Pavel,
> I volunteered to do this some time ago, just like for DIALS, and would
> still be happy to do this.
> We can do the move slowly, so allow users (developers) with a git
> repository while development still happens in SVN for say a couple of
> weeks, and I would be happy to run the git support for that time and
> for the aftermath of the move.
> Best wishes
> -Markus
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> Hey there!
> Well I guess I say something even though I don't have much to say
> really. I've been contributing to CCTBX for the past 13 years, so I
> feel like this conversation is not too irrelevant to me to say the
> least.
> I don't have strong opinion about staying with svn vs moving to git. I
> routinely contribute to CCTBX (which is SVN-based) and I routinely
> contribute to my other activity - Q|R (Quantum Refinement, which is
> hosted by GitHub). I'm comfortable with both environments as I'm using
> only the minimal functionality of both: check in, check out, diff..
> period. I'm not interested in branching/etc sophistication; this is
> just because the way I structure my workflow..
> My current understanding is that moving CCTBX to use git boils down to:
> - actually someone doing it; AND
> - taking good proper responsible care of the aftermath (if any).
> So far no-one volunteered to embrace this challenge, as far as I know.
> In summary I think we should move to git, at least to follow the
> vector of progress.
> All the best,
> Pavel

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