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markus.gerstel at diamond.ac.uk markus.gerstel at diamond.ac.uk
Thu Sep 8 02:26:32 PDT 2016


I just spent some time tracking software crashes to this change. Is setting the default to en_US really appropriate and what we want?
In particular it affects the output of downstream, external software we run from within python.

What is the unicode issue you hint at in the commit message?


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Subject: [Cctbx-cvs] SF.net SVN: cctbx:[25333] trunk/libtbx/env_config.py

Revision: 25333
Author:   bkpoon
Date:     2016-09-06 23:54:29 +0000 (Tue, 06 Sep 2016)
Log Message:
Unicode support: set LC_ALL in dispatchers to the one in the user's environment (if available, and supports UTF-8), otherwise use the default setting of en_US.UTF-8; fixes unicode issue with python in Linux (e.g. os.path functions do not work correctly with unicode if LC_ALL=C

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/libtbx/env_config.py
--- trunk/libtbx/env_config.py	2016-09-06 21:15:34 UTC (rev 25332)
+++ trunk/libtbx/env_config.py	2016-09-06 23:54:29 UTC (rev 25333)
@@ -945,6 +945,15 @@
   def write_bin_sh_dispatcher(self,
         source_file, target_file, source_is_python_exe=False):
+    # determine LC_ALL from environment (Python UTF-8 compatibility in Linux)
+    LC_ALL = os.environ.get('LC_ALL')     # user setting
+    if (LC_ALL is not None):
+      if ( ('UTF-8' not in LC_ALL) and ('utf8' not in LC_ALL) ):
+        LC_ALL = None
+    if (LC_ALL is None):
+      LC_ALL = 'en_US.UTF-8'              # default
     f = target_file.open("w")
     if (source_file is not None):
       print >> f, '#! /bin/sh'
@@ -975,7 +984,7 @@
     print >> f, '#'
     print >> f, _SHELLREALPATH_CODE
     print >> f, 'unset PYTHONHOME'
-    print >> f, 'LC_ALL=C'
+    print >> f, 'LC_ALL=' + LC_ALL
     print >> f, 'export LC_ALL'
     print >> f, 'LIBTBX_BUILD="$(shellrealpath "$0" && cd "$(dirname "$RESULT")/.." && pwd)"'
     print >> f, 'export LIBTBX_BUILD'

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