[cctbxbb] Importing PyQt4 in litbx.python

Gianluca SANTONI gianluca.santoni at esrf.fr
Fri Dec 8 04:18:13 PST 2017

Dear all,
I'm having some troubles recently in importing pyqt4 in libtbx.python 
under Debian8.
It used to work with a previous build compiled from the sources, but I 
don't find a reasonable way to make it work from the bootstrap installation.

More details:

1) If I do in libtbx.python 
sys.path.append('/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/') and "from PyQt4 
import QtCore", I get an

unidentified symbol: PyUnicodeUCS4_AsLatin1String

2) If I try to compile cctbx as I did in the past "python 
../libtbx/configure.py cctbx" no make file is produced. Maybe I'm 
missing something

Thanks everybody for your help.

Gianluca Santoni, PhD
ESRF structural biology group
71 avenue des Martyrs
38027 Grenoble cedex (France)

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