[cctbxbb] Fwd: [Dials-support] dials.stills_process crash report

Graeme.Winter at diamond.ac.uk Graeme.Winter at diamond.ac.uk
Wed Dec 13 01:34:37 PST 2017


Once again, lack of stack traces in easy_mp is a big annoyance

I forget the reasons why printing the actual error was a bad thing, but I do remember a discussion some 18 mo past

Not wishing to replay the entire transaction, but could we revisit this?

Thanks Graeme

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From: <Danny.Axford at Diamond.ac.uk<mailto:Danny.Axford at Diamond.ac.uk>>
Subject: [Dials-support] dials.stills_process crash report
Date: 12 December 2017 at 17:43:41 GMT
To: <dials-support at lists.sourceforge.net<mailto:dials-support at lists.sourceforge.net>>
Cc: martin.appleby at diamond.ac.uk<mailto:martin.appleby at diamond.ac.uk>

Perhaps this means something to someone. This is the SACLA data again, it seems to run happily and then hit a problematic frame? Martin and I see the error at pretty much the same point in the dataset, we were both running on local machines rather than the cluster.


Detector 1 RMSDs by panel:
| Panel | Nref | RMSD_X  | RMSD_Y  | RMSD_DeltaPsi |
| id    |      | (px)    | (px)    | (deg)         |
| 1     | 89   | 0.37442 | 0.48949 | 0.2192        |
| 2     | 69   | 0.49627 | 0.4847  | 0.21385       |
| 5     | 90   | 0.48267 | 0.59909 | 0.22839       |
| 6     | 70   | 0.6094  | 0.55592 | 0.20944       |
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/dls/science/groups/scisoft/DIALS/CD/latest/dials-dev20171212/build/../modules/dials/command_line/stills_process.py", line 870, in <module>
 File "/dls/science/groups/scisoft/DIALS/CD/latest/dials-dev20171212/build/../modules/dials/command_line/stills_process.py", line 868, in <module>
 File "/dls/science/groups/scisoft/DIALS/CD/latest/dials-dev20171212/build/../modules/dials/command_line/stills_process.py", line 383, in run
 File "/dls/science/groups/scisoft/DIALS/CD/latest/dials-dev20171212/modules/cctbx_project/libtbx/easy_mp.py", line 623, in parallel_map
   result = res()
 File "/dls/science/groups/scisoft/DIALS/CD/latest/dials-dev20171212/modules/cctbx_project/libtbx/scheduling/result.py", line 119, in __call__
   self.traceback( exception = self.exception() )
 File "/dls/science/groups/scisoft/DIALS/CD/latest/dials-dev20171212/modules/cctbx_project/libtbx/scheduling/stacktrace.py", line 86, in __call__
   raise exception
RuntimeError: Please report this error to dials-support at lists.sourceforge.net<mailto:dials-support at lists.sourceforge.net>: exit code = -9

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