[cctbxbb] Revisiting cctbx/iotbx/dxtbx dependencies

Asmit Bhowmick abhowmick at lbl.gov
Thu Feb 8 20:50:26 PST 2018

For the 2nd step that Aaron mentioned, if certain packages are to be
skipped during the base step, you can also run bootstrap.py with the flag
--skip-base-packages and specify the packages to be skipped separated by a
comma. For example

python bootstrap.py base --builder=cctbx --skip-base-packages

Best Wishes

On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 3:08 PM, Aaron Brewster <asbrewster at lbl.gov> wrote:

> Hey folks, especially Rob and Luc.  So after a quick change to
> iotbx/libtbx_config, it turns out there's a way to get a super minimum
> version of cctbx, without configuring dxtbx, and it takes advantage of
> existing mechanisms:
>    - python bootstrap.py --builder=cctbx hot update
>    - python modules/cctbx_project/libtbx/auto_build/install_base_packages.py
>    openssl python python_compatibility certifi numpy cython png libsvm pytest
>    pythonextra jinja2 junitxml biopython docutils sphinx pyopengl misc
>    freetype matplotlib pillow gettext glib expat fontconfig render pixman tiff
>    cairo gtk fonts wxpython
>    - mkdir build; cd build
>    - ../base/bin/python ../modules/cctbx_project/libtbx/configure.py
>    cctbx iotbx
>    - make
> Now, some details as to why this works.  First, the cctbx builder in
> boostrap.py doesn't download cbflib so cbflib is never configured.  Next,
> the base step of bootstrap.py is simply a call to install_base_packages.py
> with a list of required packages.  You can just run it standalone and get
> the packages you need.  Here, I ran "python bootstrap.py --builder=cctbx
> base", killed it after I saw the list of packages it was going to install,
> then ran install_base_packages manually after removing hdf5 and lz4 (which
> depends on hdf5) from the list.  One could imagine removing other packages
> depending on your use case.  With that, I could run configure.py directly.
> I can't use cctbx by itself as the cctbx/maptbx/SConscript file has a
> dependency on iotbx, but configuring cctbx and iotbx together seems to work.
> The key trick was to make iotbx only depend on dxtbx if dxtbx is
> explicitly configured.  I used a keyword in libtbx_configure added by Luc a
> bit ago: optional_modules_only_if_explicit_request.  I committed that
> change just now.
> Outstanding questions:
>    1. Is there interest in making this a builder? It would be
>    straightforward to add a builder named cctbx_minimal which would just do
>    the above steps
>    2. Is there further need for making cbflib and hdf5 optional in
>    dxtbx?  I purport there is not as the above procedure seems to satisfy the
>    use case, but I can be persuaded otherwise.
> Thanks,
> -Aaron
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