[cctbxbb] Fwd: buildbot failure in Phenix on cctbx-ci-ci

Graeme.Winter@Diamond.ac.uk Graeme.Winter at diamond.ac.uk
Mon Jun 4 22:27:10 PDT 2018

Hi Aaron,

If you are in post-commit-hook land or whatever, how about simply auto-clutter-removal? Or on a cron job say once a week? Or every day?

I do generally try to avoid adding clutter, so don’t usually get the emails. It’s when I get nagged about someone else leaving white space in it kinda grates. I’m also aware that the Phenix crew are building up for a release and run from master for cctbx not a branch, so gotta be extra careful with not breaking anything ;o)

Cheerio Graeme

On 5 Jun 2018, at 00:43, Aaron Brewster <asbrewster at lbl.gov<mailto:asbrewster at lbl.gov>> wrote:

Hi Graeme, I don't find these more annoying than the Jenkins build failure emails.  In fact, these buildbot emails are targeted to whoever committed the clutter, or at least the first one is anyway.  Be happy, Nigel and I get *all* the buildbot continuous-integration emails, you only get a couple!

A smarter build-bot post-commit hook would be nice, one that only alerts once per bad commit.  The relevant class is BBCCTBXCIBuilder in master.cfg in the cci buildbot svn repo.  It would need to get the last commit and only run find_clutter on those files.  Perhaps a --last-commit-only flag could be added to libtbx.find_clutter, which could then be used by BBCCTBXCIBuilder?  Of course, then untended clutter could start to build up...


On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 4:25 AM, Graeme.Winter at Diamond.ac.uk<mailto:Graeme.Winter at Diamond.ac.uk> <Graeme.Winter at diamond.ac.uk<mailto:Graeme.Winter at diamond.ac.uk>> wrote:
Hi Folks,

Am I alone in finding this kind of message ** very ** annoying

I did not touch this file
I have no business touching this file
If I do fix this then it may cause conflicts for others, which will no doubt annoy them far more than the odd extra space in the code

However I am also now to blame for breaking the Phenix build, in the run up to a release

This is no a happy place


Thanks & cheerio Graeme

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From: phenix at phenix-online.org<mailto:phenix at phenix-online.org><mailto:phenix at phenix-online.org<mailto:phenix at phenix-online.org>>
Subject: buildbot failure in Phenix on cctbx-ci-ci
Date: 4 June 2018 at 12:11:19 BST
To: graeme.winter at gmail.com<mailto:graeme.winter at gmail.com><mailto:graeme.winter at gmail.com<mailto:graeme.winter at gmail.com>>
Cc: ASBrewster at LBL.Gov<mailto:ASBrewster at LBL.Gov><mailto:ASBrewster at LBL.Gov<mailto:ASBrewster at LBL.Gov>>, NWMoriarty at LBL.Gov<mailto:NWMoriarty at LBL.Gov><mailto:NWMoriarty at LBL.Gov<mailto:NWMoriarty at LBL.Gov>>

Build status: FAILURE
Buildslave for this Build:      ci
Complete logs for all build steps:      http://cci-vm-6.lbl.gov:8010/builders/cctbx-ci-ci/builds/5580
Build Reason:   The SingleBranchScheduler scheduler named 'cctbx-ci.poll' triggered this build
Build Source Stamp:     clipper: [branch master] HEAD

cbflib: [branch master] HEAD

cctbx_project: [branch master] 4de5e7f82b0302632282f78c6dda8b999cf6abf6

annlib_adaptbx: [branch master] HEAD

tntbx: [branch master] HEAD

ccp4io_adaptbx: [branch master] HEAD

boost: [branch master] HEAD

gui_resources: [branch master] HEAD

Blamelist:      graeme-winter
If you got an email and you didn't touch this file, it may because someone commited this file before you with an error and hasn't fixed it yet. You might have noticed the error if you ran libtbx.find_clutter on the entire tree.

Detailed log of last build step: http://cci-vm-6.lbl.gov:8010/builders/cctbx-ci-ci/builds/5580/steps/test ALL clutter/logs/stdio<http://cci-vm-6.lbl.gov:8010/builders/cctbx-ci-ci/builds/5580/steps/test%20ALL%20clutter/logs/stdio>
Last 80 lines of "test ALL clutter.stdio"

iota/command_line/iota_single_image.py: tabs or trailing whitespace=2, #10, #11

*** To clean up please use: libtbx.clean_clutter ***

-The Buildbot

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