[cctbxbb] How to extract I(+) and I(-) from miller array?

Mooers, Blaine H.M. (HSC) Blaine-Mooers at ouhsc.edu
Tue Jun 9 07:55:40 PDT 2020

Dear CCTBX experts,

The diffraction data for 3hz7 from RC Researcher's question includes one dataset with column labels of 'I(+)', 'SIGI(+)', 'I(-)', 'SIGI(-)'.
When the diffraction data of 3hz7 data are read from a mtz file into miller arrays, 
it would appear that the I(+) and I(-) are stored in a single column of intensities rather than two parallel columns. 

from iotbx.reflection_file_reader import any_reflection_file

hkl_file = any_reflection_file('3hz7.mtz')
miller_arrays = hkl_file.as_miller_arrays(merge_equivalents=False)
Iobs = miller_arrays[1]

[((7, 4, 38), 84.0, 52.20000076293945),
 ((-7, -4, -38), 112.80000305175781, 48.20000076293945),
 ((8, 4, 38), 119.69999694824219, 57.400001525878906),
 ((-8, -4, -38), 152.10000610351562, 65.9000015258789),
 ((6, 5, 38), 732.5, 57.5)]

How would I extract the I(+) and I(-) into lists to plot against each other in a scatter plot in matplotlib?

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