[cctbxbb] Windows icc builds

Robert Oeffner rdo20 at cam.ac.uk
Thu May 27 01:55:45 PDT 2021

Just out of curiosity, what's wrong with just using the Visual Studio 
Community compiler? I reckon they are be agnostic towards hardware and 
will not "accidentally" cause worse performance when executing your 
build on an AMD processor.


On 26-05-2021 19:57, Winter, Graeme (DLSLtd,RAL,LSCI) wrote:
> HI Folks
> Following from a DIALS issue about it being slow on Windows
> https://github.com/dials/dials/issues/1666 
> <https://github.com/dials/dials/issues/1666>
> I have fallen into a rabbit hole and I am trying to build DIALS (and 
> hence cctbx) on Windows with the intel compilers from oneAPI - however 
> I keep stumbling over linking errors with e.g. undefined symbol __floor
> Should I abandon hope or has someone done this?
> I know this is not a new path to tread as windows_icc was a defined 
> combination on the SConscripts
> I had had to hack some bits around a little presumably to accommodate 
> 2021 versions of icc compilers, but this felt like I was going down a 
> bad path
> Would welcome input from anyone who can help - currently windows DIALS 
> is a pretty poor relation
> It is noteworthy however that parallel operation does now appear to 
> work on Windows with easy mp :-)
> In other news - has anyone considered adding clang support with clang 
> coming from conda? Could make for more consistency in the builds… I 
> had a look at how one may go about doing this but rapidly found myself 
> in SCons hell.
> Thanks in advance for any help & all the best Graeme
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