[phenixbb] TEXTAL Model from map

Andrzej LYSKOWSKI andrzej.lyskowski at uni-graz.at
Mon May 8 23:50:45 PDT 2006


I have one question and one problem.

TEXTAL expects map in X-PLOR format but what kind of map?
One can make a number of different maps in CCP4 (simple, mFo-nFc, etc.). Which 
type make TEXTAL happy?

I've tried to run 'Build Complete Model from map' strategy and what ever I do it 
seems to get stuck at: Stitching and Filtering C-alpha chains... - simply 
nothing happens anymore.
What could be a problem? Just to mention it does build a model when I use '... 
from mtz' strategy.

MfG, Andrzej


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