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Tom Terwilliger terwilliger at lanl.gov
Tue Dec 18 09:15:00 PST 2007

Hi Kornelius,

I am checking this out...but for the moment here is a solution:

You can use 2-character chain codes in phenix.  They go in the usual 
column for chain ID and the column just before it.

So columns 21-22 in your PDB file could be:
" A"  (chain A, usual syntax)
" B"
" C" ...etc
" 0"
" 1"
" 9"
"AA" (chain AA, recognized only by  hybrid-36 compatible programs)
"AC" ...etc

-Tom T

At 06:34 AM 12/18/2007, you wrote:
>Dear all,
>I'm trying to refine/rebuild a structure of 48 identical chains. In 
>Refmac the small letters a, b, c and 0 1 2 for the chains work quite 
>well and are distinguished. However that does not apply to Phenix 
>which sees A equal to a. What might be the solution to use?
>Thanks and best wishes
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