[phenixbb] after_autosol

Bryan W. Lepore bryanlepore at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Dec 18 15:18:10 PST 2007

using phenix 1.3b of 21-10-2007, trying `phenix.autobuild after_autosol` :

how does one identify the "highest-numbered AutoSol run", and that it is 
completed?  what does `phenix.autobuild` want for such a solution e.g. in 
terms of files/directories?

or does `phenix.autobuild after_autosol` need to be included in the 
command at the time when `phenix.autosol` is submitted?

phenix.autobuild reads a lot of params from my AutoSol dir, but apparently 
no solutions -- even though `phenix.autosol show_runs` shows one.


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