[phenixbb] Using the Same Test Set in AutoBuild and Phenix.Refine

Dale Tronrud det102 at uoxray.uoregon.edu
Fri Dec 28 16:56:16 PST 2007

Dear Pavel,

Pavel Afonine wrote:
> Hi Dale,
> 1) Why you specify reflection MTZ file twice in phenix.refine script?
    I put the mtz in twice because if I put it in once phenix.refine
complains that I have no free R flags.  It seems to want one file with
the amplitudes and another with the flags.  Since I have both in the
same file I put that file on the line twice and phenix.refine finds
everything it needs.

> 2) Try exactly the same Autobuild and phenix.refine runs but without any 
> resolution limits. Is it still crashing in this case? The guess is that 
> it could be a bug somewhere that causes MD5 calculation on processed 
> data file (with resolution cutoffs applied) and then this "wrong" MD5 
> record goes into overall_best.pdb and causes inconsistency when compared 
> with native 1M50-2.mtz when you start phenix.refine. Again, this is just 
> a guess...
    If the MD5 hash of the test set depends on the resolution then certainly
I could be in trouble.  phenix.autobuild does seem to have a problem passing
my resolution limits down to phenix.refine so that program incorrectly
uses all the data in the mtz.  In my manual run of phenix.refine I give it
the proper resolution limits.  That is one reason I want to run some
additional refinement before heading off to Coot.

    Does the resolution limit affect the MD5 hash of the test set?

> 3) Does this work:
> a)
> phenix.refine MR.1-protein.pdb 1M50-2.mtz output.prefix=junk
> phenix.refine junk_001.pdb 1M50-2.mtz
> b)
> phenix.refine MR.1-protein.pdb 1M50-2.mtz output.prefix=junk 
> xray_data.high_res=2.2 xray_data.low_res=20
> phenix.refine junk_001.pdb 1M50-2.mtz
> c)
> phenix.refine MR.1-protein.pdb 1M50-2.mtz output.prefix=junk
> phenix.refine junk_001.pdb 1M50-2.mtz xray_data.high_res=2.2 
> xray_data.low_res=20

    I'll try these but it will take a bit of time.

> Pavel.
> PS> I will be away Dec, 30 - Jan, 1. I will have no email access during 
> this time.
> Tom is unreachable Jan 1 - 21.
> Dale Tronrud wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>     I have another problem, I'm afraid.  I have built a model using
>> phenix.autobuild and now want to run some refinement.  While in the
>> long run I'll do some manually rebuilding using Coot I just wanted
>> to run a test of phenix.refine to ensure I have the script right and
>> have a baseline to compare against later.
>>     My autobuild script is:
>> phenix.autobuild model=AutoMR_run_4_/MR.1-protein.pdb data=1M50-2.mtz \
>>    input_refinement_labels="FP SIGFP None None None None None None FreeR_flag" \
>>                   map_file=AutoMR_run_4_/MR.MAP_COEFFS.1.mtz \
>>                   seq_file=../fmo-ct.pir \
>>                   resolution=2.2 dmax=20 refinement_resolution=2.2 \
>>                   cif_def_file_list=/usr/users/dale/geometry/chromophores/bcl_tnt.cif \
>>                   input_lig_file_list=AutoMR_run_4_/MR.1-Bchl-a.pdb \
>>                   rebuild_in_place=Yes
>>     My refine script is
>> phenix.refine    AutoBuild_run_12_/overall_best.pdb \
>>                   refinement.input.xray_data.file_name=1M50-2.mtz 1M50-2.mtz \
>>                   refinement.main.high_resolution=2.2 refinement.main.low_resolution=20 \
>>                   /usr/users/dale/geometry/chromophores/bcl_tnt.cif
>>     As you can guess, my test set flags are in the same mtz file as the
>> amplitudes.  I'm feeding exactly the same file into both runs.  Despite
>> this I get in my output
>> *******************************************************************************
>> *******************************************************************************
>> The MD5 checksum for the R-free flags array summarized above is:
>>    785fd03f6881898dcd91bc5f8c3e5b26
>> The corresponding MD5 checksum in the PDB file summarized above is:
>>    6f86ee71dbcd2dc1f5282cf18547c79b
>> These checksums should be identical but are in fact different. This is
>> because the R-free flags used at previous stages of refinement are
>> different from the R-free flags summarized above. As a consequence,
>> the values for R-free will be biased and misleading. It is best to
>> avoid this situation by consistently using the same R-free flags
>> throughout the refinement of a model. If the previously used R-free
>> flags are still available run this command again with the name of the
>> file containing the original flags as an additional input.
>> If the original R-free flags are unrecoverable, remove the
>>    REMARK r_free_flags.md5.hexdigest 6f86ee71dbcd2dc1f5282cf18547c79b
>> record from the input PDB file to proceed with the refinement. In
>> this case the values for R-free will become meaningful only after
>> many cycles of refinement.
>> *******************************************************************************
>> *******************************************************************************
>> Sorry: Please resolve the R-free flags mismatch.
>>     While I'm glad that Phenix is checking to ensure that I haven't
>> goofed and tried to switch test sets, I believe I'm being unjustly
>> accused.  Why does phenix.refine think I'm a bad boy?
>> Dale Tronrud
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