[phenixbb] ramachanran plot refinement or restraint?

Frank von Delft frank.vondelft at sgc.ox.ac.uk
Thu Jul 26 01:38:46 PDT 2007

Jianghai Zhu wrote:
> Adding riding hydrogens into the structure was a powerful validation 
> tool.  But now we all add riding hydrogens into the refinement since it 
> makes the refinement better.  At the same time, we lose some power in 
> the validation.  We still think it is worth doing so, don't we?

No:  they are RIDING hydrogens, they do not influence the refinement 
(i.e. bumps), only the Rfactors/maps.  Which is not the same as you ask 
for with the phi/psi angles.

In general, if your model is correct (and the error can be a few 
residues away), the backbone won't move around, even at low resolution.


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