[phenixbb] R-factor problem !!!

john kryst protkryst at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 04:39:59 PDT 2007

Hi all !!

      I am using phenix.refine to refine my 3.2 A structure. Also i use
xtal_pdbsubmission utility in CNS to generate pdb file which is submission
ready format. Please note no refinement in CNS only formating.

Phenix.refine gave a R and Rfree of  0.1929 &  0.2512 ( rmsd bonds =
0.006)  respectively. When i format in CNS it gave R and Rfree
0.2282 & 0.2794 ( rmsd bonds= 0.010865 ). Am i doing any mistake ??

As for as i know we cant generate a  submission ready PDB format from
phenix.refine. Is it possible to implement it, which will be very helpful
for all of us.

Thanks in advance for your inputs

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