[phenixbb] Twinning in phenix.autobuild?

Tom Terwilliger terwilliger at lanl.gov
Mon Sep 10 10:24:52 PDT 2007

Hi Francis,

Unfortunately we have not yet incorporated twin refinement directly 
into autobuild.  However you can specify this in a 
"mytwinrefinement.eff" file that tells phenix.refine what to do, and 
then you can read this in to autobuild with (command-line version):


(or from the GUI by filling in the blank under "Refinement parameters 
files (optional)".

All the best,
Tom T

At 11:16 AM 9/10/2007, Francis E Reyes wrote:
>Hello all
>So I discovered from xtriage that my crystal is twinned.  I have a 
>pretty decent model that xtriage says has an r/rfree of 30/30 to a 
>resolution of 2.6. I wanted to try a phenix.autobuild at 2.8A.  I 
>couldn't find a parameter flag for autobuild that turns on twinning.
>I already autobuilt this model once, and the xtriage log did find 
>that the crystal was twinned, but twinning in refinement of the 
>model during rebuilding wasn't turned on.
>Is there a way to tell autobuild to rebuild using twinning?
>Francis Reyes M.Sc.
>215 UCB
>University of Colorado at Boulder
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