[phenixbb] Maps from twinned data

Mary Fitzgerald mary.x.fitzgerald at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 11:37:23 PST 2008

I'm new to phenix and just installed Phenix 1.3 beta rc6.

I've taken a data set that I've been refining in cns and am trying
phenix.refine.  The data has a twinning fraction of 0.5.  I'm seeing what I
think is odd in the 2mFobs-DFmodel.map.  If I'm reading the documentation
correctly, this map should be detwinned (I also set
refinement.twinning.detwin.map_types.aniso_correct=true), I see alot of
extra density where there is no model, nor a symmetry related molecule in
coot.  I don't see this extra density in my detwinned 2fofc cns maps.

So, could the extra density I'm seeing be due to using a different program
and it is detwinning the data differently.  The extra density is from the

Any input would be appreciated,

Mary X. Fitzgerald
Postdoctoral Associate
Arnold Lab
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