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Tom Terwilliger terwilliger at lanl.gov
Tue Feb 19 09:59:34 PST 2008

Hi Peter he is an abstract for my talk.
-Tom T

Phenix Wizards -- Automation of the Structure Determination Process

The PHENIX Wizards allow automation of major 
steps in the structure determination process. The 
Wizards carry out decision-making, provide 
suggestions for the user, and form a flexible 
environment for investigating alternative 
strategies for structure determination.

New algorithms available in PHENIX include a 
Iterative-build OMIT procedure for prevention of 
model bias and ligand identification in electron 
density maps. The PHENIX AutoBuild Wizard can 
carry out iterative model-building, density 
modification and refinement to improve the 
quality of models at resolutions as low as 3 
Å.   Electron density maps calculated using an 
atomic model can be affected by “model bias” 
introduced during refinement of the model. We 
have developed a “Iterative-build OMIT” procedure 
that prevents model bias in iterative procedures 
for model-building and refinement while producing 
a high-quality electron-density map. The PHENIX 
LigandFit automated ligand-fitting Wizard can fit 
flexible ligands into an electron density map. 
The Wizard can identify unknown ligands by 
comparing a set of potential ligands to the map 
and finding the one that fits the density most closely.

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