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Foelker, Andrew Andrew.Foelker at bruker-axs.com
Thu Jan 10 07:35:16 PST 2008

Perhaps one of you could assist me with this question.  In the
from_ins.py file, there is a function by the name of from_ins.  I am
passing a .RES file to this function, but am not passing any of the
other optional arguments to it.  When line 51 in the file is reached, an
exception is thrown.  Here is the line of code that blows up:
 b = record.tempFactor + record_next.tempFactor
The exception correctly states that the record_next object has no
attribute named 'tempFactor'.  Perhaps I am doing something incorrectly,
or perhaps there is a bug in the from_ins function itself.  If any of
you can offer some insight into this problem I would greatly appreciate
it.  Thank you.  

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