[phenixbb] error

Jianghai Zhu jzhu at idi.harvard.edu
Thu Sep 25 14:07:56 PDT 2008

Yes, a mistake was made in my mtz file.  All HL coefficients were  
zero.  Now is fine.  Thanks a lot.

-- Jianghai

On Sep 25, 2008, at 3:07 PM, Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve wrote:

>> iotbx.reflection_file_utils.Sorry_Not_a_suitable_array: Not a  
>> suitable
>> array of experimental phases: refineme
>> nt.input.experimental_phases.labels=HLAM,HLBM,HLCM,HLDM
> phenix.refine (more precisely, iotbx.reflection_file_utils) applies
> a bunch of heuristics to make sense of the inputs ("what's f-obs,
> what's r-free-flags", etc.). Somehow your array isn't compatible with
> the expectations. I'm guessing because all Hendrickson-Lattman
> coefficients are zero.
> You can find out like this:
>  phenix.mtz.dump your.mtz --show-column-data --column-data- 
> format=human_readable
> If my guess isn't correct, could you send me your mtz file, or
> at least the output of just phenix.mtz.dump (i.e. just the summary,
> without the data)?
> Ralf
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