[phenixbb] P32 twin or p3221?

Peter Zwart phzwart at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 07:16:53 PST 2009



> However, if I treat the P32 data as a twin (with twin law h,-h-k,-l ), the
> R/Rfree can down to 0.12/0.18.

and this

> Even though no twinning is suspected, it might be worthwhile carrying out
> a refinement using a dedicated twin target anyway, as twinned structures
> with low twin fractions are difficult to distinguish from non-twinned structures.

suggest that your data is twinned. The lower R values are convincing.

Do an R vs R analysis by loading up a model as well in xtriage to get
a clue about the extend of the pseudo symmetry.


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