[phenixbb] Clearing old NCS group definitions

John Pascal John.Pascal at mail.jci.tju.edu
Tue Dec 8 15:00:09 PST 2009


I am using NCS restraints in phenix.refine, and I am defining the restraints in
a parameter file that I read into the GUI interface. After modifying the ncs
parameters file, I see in the log file that phenix.refine has used the updated
NCS groups, but also retains the old restraints settings.  Therefore, the
number of NCS groups doubles each time I make an edit.  Is there a way to erase
the previous NCS restraints?

I see that the restraints are accumulating in the project_data/*.eff files.  Are
those read in by default on consecutive runs?

I am probably missing something obvious, but I would appreciate any advice.



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