[phenixbb] Re : B(sol) too high

Alexandre OURJOUMTSEV sacha at igbmc.fr
Wed Dec 16 02:00:54 PST 2009

Dear Matt,

>   I  noticed that, in general, even when all the other statistics
> were good, the B(sol) term was a bit too high according to
> Polygon. (The structures with poorer statistics also had high
> B(sol) values as well.)

Couldyou give a little bit more information so that people do not needmaketheir guess and consider multiple options ? :-)  Inparticular :

At which resolution do you work ?
What is the percent of solvent ?
With which kind of macromolecules do you work (proteing, nucleic acids, complexes, something else...)?
Which refinement program do you use (I suppose that phenix.refine) ?
Which are the Ksol, Bsol values (that make you warry) ?
Maybesome more information that can be useful at your point of view...(forexample, a pdf-copy of your polygon would be useful; better to seeoncethan...).

I think you can write to me and to Pavel directly (notto overload thephenixbb by work discussions and work files) and if wefix the problemyou will report the answer to everybody.

Best regards,


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