[phenixbb] Re : Re : B(sol) too high - resume

Alexandre OURJOUMTSEV sacha at igbmc.fr
Thu Dec 17 10:28:20 PST 2009

Dear All,after looking together with Matt and Pavel at the numbers sent by Matt, we agreed that everything was fine. The whole polygon is fine, all the reported values are in the "green" or "light blue" zones meaning that they are "frequent values".The value of Bbulk , equal to 46 A2, is also "very frequent". In fact, this value corresponds to the center of the (Ksolv, Bsolv) distribution reported by Andrei Fokine in ActaCryst D., 2002, vol. 58 (9), pp. 1387-1392. Therefore, even slightly higher values are not bad either; nothing to warry about.Best regards,Matt, Pavel and Sacha
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