[phenixbb] phenix GUI freezing during refinement and file naming issues

John Berrisford jmb at mrc-mbu.cam.ac.uk
Wed Dec 23 04:10:48 PST 2009

Dear all.

When the GUI freezes on me its a complete freeze with no pop up dialog 
boxes. This means the job history is not recorded and no results are 
recorded in the GUI. I'm not sure if this is screensaver or desktop 
switching related - it only seems to happen randomly - mostly when 
running long jobs where nothing much happens on the screen, in my 

I'm also using an nVidia card and an upto date version of the X-server 
(on my ubuntu 9.10 box).

I agree this is a minor issue compared to having a great program which 
works well. But it does mean that if its easier to use a command line 
all your hard work with the GUI (and its enhancements) will go to waste...


John Berrisford

Medical Research Council
Mitochondrial Biology Unit
Wellcome Trust / MRC Building
Hills Road
WEB: www.mrc-mbu.cam.ac.uk
TEL: +44 (01223) 252918

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