[phenixbb] AutoBuild error: csh word too long

Thomas C. Terwilliger terwilliger at lanl.gov
Mon Mar 16 04:18:25 PDT 2009

Hi Zheng,
I'm sorry for the trouble!  I have heard of a few cases of this, and seems
to occur if your PATH is very very long.

Try this:

echo $PATH

Do you get a path that is many lines long?  If so, try using

set PATH .....

and put in all the critical parts of your PATH and skip all the parts that
are not relevant to phenix.  Then echo $PATH to be sure, and then try (in
that window) your phenix command.  With luck, that should do it.  If not,
let me know and send me the results of echo $PATH before and after and I
will try to help.

All the best,
Tom T

  Hi, All

I am new to phenix. I met the following error when I run autobuild. I
also found the following link from Dr. Lang asking the similar
question. But I didn't find a clear solution. Thanks for your help.

Starting job 1...

Failed to carry out AutoBuild_build_cycle:

child process stderr output:
  command: 'csh /home/zz/AutoBuild_run_1_/TEMP0/RUN_FILE_1'
  Word too long.

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