[phenixbb] phenix automr

sbiswas2 at ncsu.edu sbiswas2 at ncsu.edu
Sun Mar 29 17:20:17 PDT 2009

Hi all,

I tried to use phenix automr by using the gui and also I am using the
latest version of phenix (courtesy of the phenix development team). I
asked it to search for two molecules in the asymmetric unit but it finds
just one also I am getting negative (-29) LLG value for the final
solution. The map also does not look good. I also asked it to search for
all possible space group, although I processed the data with P43212 phenix
automr finds a different one P41212.Will fixing the space group fix the
problem? Does anyone know what is going on? I tried running phaser
separately through ccp4 and phaser did find two molecules although the map
did not look good in this either.

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