[phenixbb] polygon and membrane proteins

Pascal Egea pascal at msg.ucsf.edu
Tue Apr 6 13:30:46 PDT 2010

Dear Developers,

I wonder if there would be a simple way to get the Polygon program
implemented in Phenix to use only membrane protein deposited structures as
the reference data set. I understand that the reference set is much smaller
than the whole menagerie of available structures but it represents an
homogenous class of protein (crystallized in detergent).
Do you think that this would be meaningful and useful?

Thanks in advance,

Pascal F. Egea, PhD
Assistant Professor
UCLA, David Geffen School of Medicine
Department of Biological Chemistry
314 Biomedical Sciences Research Building
office (310)-983-3515
lab (310)-983-3516
email pegea at mednet.ucla.edu
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